Discover a mysterious mailbox located on the north end of Wrightsville Beach, a destination known for crystal blue waters, sea oats and sand dunes along its beautiful shoreline. Plan a visit to this local landmark and partake in the tradition of leaving heartfelt messages behind in the mailbox.

Legendary Letters

The Wrightsville Beach Mailbox is a hidden gem where both locals and visitors can pour their hearts out to strangers. Whether you want to anonymously share your thoughts, feelings or cherished vacation memories, visitors are encouraged to contribute to the mailbox’s collection of undelivered letters.


For more than a decade, a local couple maintained the mailbox, stocking it with paper and pens for people to write their letters. They preserved more than 200 journals filled with letters ranging from love stories and prayers to confessions and secrets. The old mailbox and capsule were relocated to the Wrightsville Beach History Museum, where visitors can learn more about the beach community's past through exhibits and self-guided walking tours. Today, the mailbox’s legacy lives on with a new mailbox placed in its original location, now managed by the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Due North

To find the Wrightsville Beach Mailbox, start your journey at the northernmost public beach access, Access #2 (2698 North Lumina Ave., Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480). Take advantage of the metered, public parking lot at the access, which also features showers and bathrooms.

From Access #2, step onto the beach and encounter a natural stretch of sand dunes along Mason Inlet. Continue north along the shore, past Shell Island Resort. Just past the Resort, keep your eyes peeled for a solitary mailbox and bench surrounded by sand.


Within it, you may find heartfelt stories, words of encouragement or expressions of gratitude left by fellow travelers. Remember to be respectful of others’ notes left behind in the spirit of goodwill. Pen your own letter, drop it in and snap a photo to capture the memory of this enchanting landmark.

Plan Your Trip

Wrightsville Beach's full-service oceanfront hotels offer comfortable amenities, pristine surroundings and prime locations for beachcombing and water activities. Reserve a suite at Shell Island Resort, located on the north end within walking distance to the beach’s mailbox – or consider Lumina on Wrightsville Beach, a Holiday Inn Resort or Blockade Runner Beach Resort, both situated further south and just a few minutes' drive from Access #2. Find your ideal oceanfront vacation rental through companies like Wrightsville Sands Realty, Bryant Real Estate or Sea Scape Properties.


As you plan your Wrightsville Beach vacation, book accommodations and choose from endless things to do, make sure your bucket list includes a journey to leave a letter in the iconic mailbox. Although these messages will never be delivered, the experience will create lasting memories of your Wrightsville Beach retreat.